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Zany zebra wanted to create a live bookstore that links directly to Amazon to purchase.  Enjoy.

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Welcome friends! 


As a small, independent author, I put my heart into creating the Zany Zebra books, and this live bookstore website...with love for you. 

This live bookstore is the first of its kind. It is unique because it is not a traditional bookstore or mail order retail site. We call it a "live bookstore" so our readers can shop "live" and purchase our ZZ books directly from our vendor links provided. No search is required. 

Our ZZ book collections are ever-growing which makes this live bookstore necessary. It enables you, our readers, to keep up with our book series, titles, and new releases, and shop. It is the only reliable place to see the total listing of our books without the clutter of sponsored ads by our competitors or having to wade through copycat versions of other Zany Zebra-type books.

We are proud to offer two series--the Zany Zebra Collection series, and the new Zany Zebra Classics Collection series. New titles are always in the works. The original A-Zany Zebra Collection has temporarily been discontinued and will soon be re-released into one larger book of nursery rhymes, "Rhyme Time Tales and other Shenanigans," in December 2023. Also, new to the ZZ family, are fine art illustrator Annie Howard, and academic editor/teacher Aisha Pelaez, in the ZZ Classics series. "Ian and the Blue Wing Flying Machine," was recently released as the debut edition. "Skid the Squid" is soon to be released.

We do not advertise, have a large or sophisticated publishing house, or press agents. This keeps costs down. We rely on your kind purchases, and word of mouth advertising.  Please tell your friends, teachers, librarians, gift shops, and favorite bookstores, about our Zany Zebra books. They are collector's items. The big publishers may not appreciate the competition, but YOU and your children are our valued readers. There should never be a monopoly on your children's imagination. Together, with your help, we are Zany Zebra trendsetters. We cater to creative kids of all ages. 

Our books are available primarily through Amazon. Some national chains, like Walmart and Books-A-Million, carry them as well, if available. Our largest vendors are linked below. Prices will vary. Other vendors like Ebay, Thrift Books, and Abe Books carry used editions of ZZ books. If any source claims they are releasing our books with author signatures, it is not true. 


We often receive comments from our readers, if they can't find a particular ZZ book, or a total collection of all of our books, or available ZZ books in stock, at the various vendor sites. This is why we created this live bookstore to help you navigate. Often, large publishers, book competitors, and advertisers pay to sponsor ads of their books within our ZZ collection listings--I regret we cannot control this. However, it is a flattering endorsement that they find our Zany Zebra books, customers, and audiences, to be a prime target for their book advertising and marketing. Competition is exciting. Be sure to notice that all of our Zany Zebra books look the same. They all feature educational stories, distinctive zebra stripe designs, fun interactive projects, and enhanced glossaries. Zany calls it "edutainment." 

Thank you for stopping by and checking out our site. I hope you find it helpful and fun. We appreciate your purchases, comments, and support.  Happy reading! Or, as Zany would say, "Za-zing!"

With love and gratitude, 

Dr. April Arfaras, aka: Zany Zebra


Kids with Backpacks
This is a link to Amazon for a direct purchase of desired Zany Zebra Books.
Ebay sells used Zany Zebra Books through this link.
This Walmart logo is a direct link to those who wish to purchase Zany Zebra Books through them.
Abe Books sells Zany Zebra books through this link.
This is a Books A Million link for those wishing to purchase a Zany Zebra book from BAM.
Powell's Books Inc link provides Zany Zebra books online purchases
Thrift Books sells Zany Zebra Collection books through this link.
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