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At last! This zippy, snappy, silly rhyme-time tale introduces the Zany Zebra Collection to tickle your stripes. Meet Zany Zebra, learn about her origins, fun activities, and read to succeed, as your edutainment comes to life. Then, take the pledge to become an official Zany Zebra Bopper. Live reader's theater will joyfully invade your home, library, park, or school. Put it on stage if you dare? This prequel to the Collection is only the the end. Huh? You'll see. Or, maybe it's more like the end to the beginning? We're starting with the letter "Z" for Zany Zebra. All books include activities for kids and a glossary link to Wikipedia to enhance the learning experience because each book is interactive. The Zany Zebra Collection will delve into every thing from animals, to science, to silly, to important events, to geography, to math, to literature, and more. Don't be shy, Zany Zebra is for kids of all ages; that includes you. The Collection is written by Dr. April for the love of children and literacy. "Z" fun is about to begin.

Zany Zebra of Zanzibar: The Prequel to all Zany Books

  • Available in E-Book and Paperback from vendors featured on Live Bookstore Page.

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