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Kerplunk-it Kangaroo is a math obsessed marsupial! He loves the math in everything--hockey, boxing, even music! Surely Dr. Seuss would love this science meets fiction fun fest. Explore the fascinating lifestyles of kangaroos while jabbing, striking, and even dancing with tango-roos. This colorful rhyme-time picture book is tale number 28 in the Zany Zebra Collection for creative children of all ages. It's a sporty, scientific, musical, and mathematical bash designed to take the fear out of numbers, once and for all!

Kerplunk-it Kangaroo

  • All New Releases (the vivid color cover) come in E-Book and Paperback. They may be purchased directly from participating vendors only. 

  • Available in E-Book and Paperback from vendors featured on Live Bookstore Page.

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