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This is the first image Dr. April drew of Zany Zebra of Zanzibar. She is biting a Zinnia, of course.
Cameo of Dr. April Arfaras suited up in her Zany Zebra suite, stripes and headdress.

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Ha ha ha hi! Welcome to our ZanyReads.Com website. It's a free public service for kids, parents, teachers, and creatures. It features the most updated news and information about the Zany Zebra collector's item books and activities. Now you can keep up with our latest titles, Zany Zebra interactive book signing appearances, reader's theater events and creative workshops.  Also, learn more about our new Zany Zebra birthday parties. We'd love to meet you and hear about your ideas. Thank you for being my amazing friend. Bye for now. Za-Zing!

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