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It's a delightful, interactive, rhyme-time tale for the youngest Zany Boppers to turn baby sounds into words.  Dr. April wrote this one to help her own toddler pronounce his L's. Of course it includes little friends, a loon, a lizard, leaping leopards, lilies and a lovely lullaby.  It features a choral reading exercise to creatively introduce repetitious phrases and the rhythm of words. All books in this collection come with educational activities and a glossary with links to Wikipedia. This is tale number 27 in the Zany Zebra Collection.  You'll la la la love it!

Little Friends & Lambikins

  • All New Releases (the vivid color cover) come in E-Book and Paperback. They may be purchased directly from participating vendors only. 

  • Available in E-Book and Paperback from vendors featured on Live Bookstore Page.

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