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Sing it out. Say it well.  It's time to enjoy this little ditty of a tale. Animal fanatics will fascinate by the fun and fiction created by this scientifically modified renegade ocelot named Ozzy. Biological facts about the endangered ocelot mingle with whimsical fantasy and fun to explore the world of this precious cat-like, tiger-like creature, the ocelot. Ozzy escapes the wild, south of the US border, and swims across the Rio Grande to start a new life," just like cat."  He wants to become a blues singer, but realizes he has to make some changes in order to fit in. This book is another Zany Zebra interactive adventure. It gives children of all ages some background on ocelots, lyrical language, science, geography, music, reader's theater, leadership and fun. In the tradition of all Zany Zebra Books, there are free activities in every book. This is ideal for creative kids, precocious parents and teachers to enjoy. Just say, "just like cat," and you will be part of the action.

Ozzy Ocelot: "Just like cat."

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