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Oh, oh, oh, this bubbly tale will dive into the depths of the creative imagination for kids of all ages. OOOrk is an adventuresome sea urchin who is named after the sounds he makes under the sea. Literary nerds call this "onomatopoeia." This "U" ( for Urchin) rhyme-time tale is number 18 in the Zany Zebra Collection. Everyone is bubbly in this briny blue bubble bath under the sea. This includes a mermaid, diver, fish, and anemone. All the interactive stories in the series include imaginative activities and a glossary to enhance each story. Even Dr. Seuss might have put on a wet suit for this one?

The Urchin called OOOrk

  • All New Releases (the vivid color cover) come in E-Book and Paperback. They may be purchased directly from participating vendors only. 

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