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Zany Zebra Zippers-June 24,2020

It's not easy being a zebra these days, especially due to Covid19. For one thing, the masks all clash with my fur and beautiful stripes. I even have to wear this obnoxious mask thing when I go to the beauty salon. The stylists have to wear masks too. We keep a safe distance apart inside the salon so they can trim my darling curls on top of my head. How can I expect to be seen by creative kids of all ages, if I can't be adorable? Za-Zing! (That's zebra for "whew.")

Ever since the pandemic began, we've all been trapped in our homes like a bunch of animals. Hmmmm? I never really did understand that expression before, but now it kind of makes sense. Animals don't like to be in cages or crammed into small spaces. We like to venture out. The great news is that suddenly, due to the unfortunate virus, families are spending quality time together. They are reading, laughing, singing, dancing, cooking, taking walks and riding bikes together at their neighborhood parks. Just like reading, activities are also important. I'm kind of considering getting a kayak, a sidewalk scooter, and learning how to play a ukulele. A zebra needs to keep up with the times. Well kids, no matter what, we can still use our imagination to explore fun animal friends and neat places all over the world. Yes! This is why I write my stories for all of you and your families and friends. Each of my books has interesting characters, cool activities and ties to Wikipedia to expand your creativity and knowledge. Of course I know you are already smart, but this is fun stuff to help you keep your parents, friends, and teachers entertained...even if it rains!

So, here is my news. We just built this website and live bookstore this summer as a public service to inform you about our Zany Zebra Collection books, events and activities. Here's the recap: in 2014, we published the A-Zany Zebra Collection of 12 original stories. Then, I nearly worked my stripes off for four years to become a doctor in education, like my idol Dr. Seuss, so I could write even more stories in the new Zany Zebra Collection. Over this past year, we have published another 20 new releases, starting with the "Zany Zebra of Zanzibar Prequel" book.

This summer we're working on two new books and a new collection. The new books are Annie Anhinga and Ozzy Ocelot. They are both on the drawing board now that they are written. The new collection in the works is called the Zany Zebra Classics. We will showcase more elaborate stories combined with fine art illustrations in this collection. We brought in an amazing new artist, Annie Howard, to illustrate the Classics collection. She is working on the more expanded version of Ian and the Blue Wing Flying Machine. Our goal is to showcase this first book at public galleries across the country upon completion. Za-Zing!

Zany Zebra Collections

Titles To Tickle Your Stripes

Andrew the Anteater

Bear Bubble Spa

Ben and Barbra Butterfly

Chameleon, Chameleon!

Copy Cat Says

Copernicus Crane, M.D.

Dolphin Surfer Dude Dan

Ephriam Frog

Florida Flamingos

Gerald Giraffe

Goober-Eyed Geese

Harry Heron's Hiccups

Ian and the Blue Wing Flying Machine

Jazzy Junebug

Kerplunk-it Kangaroo

Little Friends and Lambikins

Mama and Myla Elephants

Muhammed Owlee

Noah Nightingale

Ozzy Ocelot

Penelope Pelican

Quacky the Quail

Ringo Raccoon

Squawk the Hawk

Tommy Turtle

Urchin Called Ooork

Very Fine Tale

Willis Willowby Wombat

Xena and Xeno Xemes

Yikes the Yak

Zany Zebra of Zanzibar, the Prequel

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