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Ha ha ha happy holidays! Hachoo!

Here I am in holiday land dreaming about my favorite things and looking adorable in my stripes and this big bully cold arrives. Hack. Hack. Hack. Honk. Yuk. I have a nasty fever. I feel awful. My cough is so obnoxious that even the bears in my neighborhood run the other direction when I sneeze. My friends and family are out putting up holiday decorations, shopping, and making yummy cookies, fudge, and cakes. I'm sick! It's not fair!

That bossy Dr. April says I have to stay in bed. She said that Zebras are contagious too. "Achoo!" So, I'm going to put on my warmest jammies, play festive music and write holiday cards while my boogies clear up and my fever goes away. I hope I'm better by Christmas. Santa promised me that I could join Rudolph and the reindeers to deliver gifts to all the children and creatures of the world. Heck, I'm the one with the big red nose.

Happy holidays to you and yours. Remember to tell all your friends to check out the Zany Zebra Collection at for holiday giving ideas. Each book comes with a fun learning activity to enhance the experience. The Zany Zebra collection is ideal for creative kids, precocious parents, word & literature nerds, science whiz kids, animal lovers, and fantasy freaks. Zany Zebra is for you. Za-Zing!

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