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Copy of Back-To-School...Bash?

Zippity zebra stripes! I can't believe it! I just got used to my summer vacation lounging by the pool, admiring my reflection, posing between chapters in my summer reading books, and that bossy doctor April says I need to do something important and start gearing up for school. What a drag. What a nag! Exactly what does "gear up" mean in plain zebra talk? Gee, sometimes I think she thinks I am a machine. She invented me and should know better than that. Every time I gently throw myself on the ground and have a mild, well controlled, tantrum, she reminds me that she can write me off the manuscript if I don't behave. I wonder how she would like it if I started bossing her around and demand for her to get off that stupid computer for hours at a time, or to do something with that wretched wiry hair of hers?

My friends, Yikes the Yak and Quacky the Quail, said that I should just calm down because gearing up for school just means I need to get ready for school to start soon. Well, I don't need new outfits because my striped suit is stunning. I could use a new zebra stripe book bag and some cool, hoofy hipster tennis shoes, I suppose. Kerplunk-it Kangaroo said that there is no need for me to get upset that summer is almost over. He said to just think of the new school year as an awesome way to see all your friends that you missed over the summer. Penelope Pelican, Gerald Giraffe, and Myla Elephant all agreed. Then, Ian McGee assured me that he would tell me all about his flying machine adventures where he traveled all around the world, during recess. Suddenly, I realized that we are all going to have an exciting back-to-school bash, after all. Yay! Hip hooray! I can't wait for the first day!

P.S. Be sure to go easy on your parents when they drop you off at the bus stop or at the school. They are really going to miss you. Some of them might even cry a little. It's a good idea to read them a bedtime story each night so you can show them how much you love them.

Have a Great New School Year!


With love, Zany Zebra

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