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Hip Hooray for a New York City Get-Away!

It’s official. The kids and creatures here in New York City love me. They can’t resist me. They put all these bright and colorful lights on and built these huge buildings, towers, bridges, and gardens all over New York to welcome me. Yay! When I graciously screamed this obvious and exciting news to doctor April and a few hundred people we saw on the streets and subway, the doc came unhinged. I mean, I didn’t see a skyscraper for her. That moody doctor April says that my self-awareness is getting out of control. Huh? What does she mean? She said New York was already like this and it wasn’t special just for me. She said New York is special for everyone. I set her straight. Gee. They even put zebra striped crossroads all over the streets just for me. They love me. I wonder when the mayor will surprise me on national television with a key to the city and a ticker tape parade? I can’t wait.

All my fans know that I’m smart, gorgeous, and immensely popular. I simply stand out. These stripes don’t come easy, you know. Those horses in their Central Park drawn carriages look so ordinary standing next to yours truly. Clomp. Clomp. Clippity-clomp. Ordinary. They don’t know any better, I suppose. You have to have stripes to be a star.

Our first mission in the city was to become street smart. We went directly to the shoe stores to gear up with some stunning sneakers. I was disappointed to learn that sneakers only come in sets of two around here. Gee. My four happy hooves require two sets of two. I have four hooves to adore, not two. Gosh. What a rip-off. There are only two shoes in each shoe box? It isn’t fair. This is discrimination. Zebras get no respect. That doozy of a doc is still complaining that I cost her double for my fashionable “trouble.” Hey, if I’m going to strut my stripes in the big apple, I need to lead to succeed so I can teach creative kids to read. There’s a cost to being a high stepper. I don’t need any vagabond shoes. I wonder if they’ll ask me to star in a celebrity sneaker endorsement? They should. I mean, it should be as obvious as black and white that Zany Zebra is trendy. Maybe, I’ll start my own line and feature four pairs of sneakers in every box?

Now, there is only one more little issue that I encountered in this city that doesn’t sleep. No one seems to sleep! The lights are flashing, the music is booming, and the people are having fun all night long. Gee. Kids and Zebras need to get their full-night sleep so they can be spectacular pupils, like yours truly. Don’t let my natural beauty fool you. It is because of my beauty sleep that I am ravishing and radiant all day long. Being gorgeous takes work my friends. Get your rest and be your best.

Well kids, I need to run for now. I hope to be starring in my own Broadway show, after I talk some sense into that crazy director. The show is mistakenly named “The Lion King.” It should be called “The Zany Zebra Queen.” Don’t you agree? If those bully lions will back off of my trail and stop chasing me, I’ll be kind enough to give them a small part in my musical play. If not, they’ll be popping corn. It’s up to you, New York, New York.

I hope you are enjoying being back to school. Read every day to your friends and family. Check out my live bookstore:


With Love and Gratitude,

Zany Zebra on Broadway

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