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Zany Zebra Loves to Fly!

This news just tickles my stripes! Today, we launched the classic version of "Ian and the Blue Wing Flying Machine," featuring the detailed and colorful fine art paintings of Annie Howard. This is also the first of the Zany Zebra Classic Series. This tale originally began as a musical play but has evolved. The fun part is that I got to hang out with Ian and the author Dr. April while traveling to seven continents of the world. We rode in Ian's blue wing flying machine and met some amazing kids from cool places. The best part is that we learned how to handle the bullies back home. Za Zing! I hope you like oranges because lots of stuff happens in this orange tree in Ian's backyard. Don't worry if you are afraid to fly. Ian will teach you how to get up your courage to overcome your fears and become a true leader. By the way, if you have already read the A-Zany Zebra Collection version of "Ian and the Blue Wing Flying Machine," then you will love this version--the Zany Zebra Classic. Just like the original, every Zany Zebra series book includes interactive edutainment to make your learning experience a blast. Zee ya Zoon!

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