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Spring has sprung and I'm feeling antsy, prancy and a little bit DANCY. Get over it! I'm allowed to make up words like "dancy" whenever I want! I mean, words are boring without action. Right? "La la la la la, la la la la la la, la la, la, la la la la. Zing...zing-a-zong...zing out loud...zing out strong!" So, here's the latest. My zany inventor, Dr. April, and I will bring even more fun to you and your friends--just like we do in our interactive Zany Zebra tradition. Now, we are offering live creative events. After putting up with hours of Dr. April begging and screaming and defiantly plucking my favorite zinnias from my spring garden, I finally decided to let that nagging Dr. April convince me to do some live Zany Zebra events. I mean, how long could I deny anyone of my adorable self? I have been told, or should have been, that when the sun shines down upon my striking features, I am irresistible. Well, modesty may not be my strong suit, because I look so dazzling in my stripe suit. However, indeed, we're going to offer special live Zany Zebra book signings, creative events, workshops and even birthday parties. Gee, I get tickled in my stripes when I think about all the fun and edutainment. After all, I love to read, write, sing, dance, explore, get silly and use my imagination. It's almost humbling.

Next, many have asked, and some might be wondering why we've pulled the first12 original A-Zany Zebra Collection books off the Amazon shelf? The good news is that it is only temporary. The Doc (she is such a know-it-all sometimes!) and I have decided to put these into one book, an anthology, of Zany Zebra Nursery Rhymes and Shenanigans and release them at a future date. Of course, there are still more than twenty titles available now. All of our Zany Zebra books contain interactive projects and glossaries to augment the stories. The great thing about Zany Zebra books is that they are all collector's items.

As always, there are new books in the works too. Ozzy Ocelot is on the drawing board in the Zany Zebra Collection and Skid the Squid is getting hand-painted by artist Annie Howard for the Zany Zebra Classics Collection. We hope to zip these out before the year's end. Stay tuned. "La la la la la. Za-Zing!"

Be sure to check out the new stuff on our website:

With Springy Sunshiny Sentiments,

Zany Zebra

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