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Sizzling Summer Safari with Zany!

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

I just got back from a summer safari with my favorite cousins Zig, Zag, Zong, Zip, Zap, and Zella. Geez, it was 104 degrees in Zanzibar! We were so hot we were almost sweating our stripes off, but we still had fun. As always, I made my dashing poses, irresistible winks, and smiles when I spotted the travel buses coming up the trail. I've been told I have a bold profile just like Dr. April with her so called “distinguished “(big honking Greek) nose. The exception is that I'm extremely photogenic, indeed, and don’t overlook my eyes. They dazzle in the day and delight in the night. Anyway, it was a little challenging at times when our herd stallion kept nudging me to hurry and move along faster. I was only trying to get my masterful mane in place. Zag said she thought he was just flirting with me. I suppose that makes sense. After all, I am adorable!

The exciting thing about the safari is most tourists travel from all over the world just to get a glimpse at yours truly. I mean, perhaps a few of the other animals might draw a tiny bit of attention, but don't believe everything you hear or read. I don't. I'm too popular to fall for that nonsense. Just because that petty tour guide said that the top five safari animals are the lion, leopard, African elephant, rhino, and the African buffalo, shouldn't cause me to cry for hours at night when I'm all alone in my striped jammies. Right? All I know is everyone is chasing me…not them. What's the world coming to? We are all a bunch of wild animals. This is what makes us all special.

As one of my Zany Zebra friends, you need to know more about me, so you know how to surprise me and thrill me with compliments, favorite food treats, and gifts. First, I'm exactly the same height as that know-it-all author lady, Dr. April. Yes, we are both just a hair past five feet tall. This way I can keep her in my sight, so she doesn't try to get away with anything that I don't like. I will decide which animals and friends we will showcase in our collections. I’m the star--the striped celebrity here! She can just zip it sometimes. She has some nerve to dress up like me, sign my books, and put on storytelling events without me!

Don ‘t worry, there’s still more information to share about our spectacular zebra species. Granny Zee told me that we live to be up to 30 years old, so I expect presents for many years. We can run up to 25 miles an hour when we are trying to get away from those bully predators---cheetahs, crocodiles, hyenas, leopards, lions, wild dogs, and even humans. (Sniff, sniff). This is why we run in zig-zag patterns to get away from those bad meanies! We don't eat meat or insects. We are herbivores and only eat grass, leaves, shrubs, bark, shoots, herbs, roots, and fruit. However, I confess I find the fruit stripe gum offensive -- the colors are all wrong. We are black and white! I do enjoy animal crackers and Zebra Cakes. We graze up to 18 hours and eat up to 20 pounds of food each day to keep our stylish figures. My favorite food is red oat grass. Yummy. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, the nerd stuff. There are three types of zebras: Grevy's, Plains, and Mountain zebras. Also, Dr. April (what a nag!) insisted that I mention that our scientific name is "Hippotigris." What a snob!

I hope you will want to know that my birthday is April 1st, no fooling. Hint! I have a wonderful gift idea. Instead of sending me a present on my birthday, treat yourself to a Zany Zebra book that you'd like to read. This would make me so happy because I love creative kids!

Now, just for fun, because summertime is here, you should have lots of spare time to catch up on all of our Zany Zebra book collections. Many of you will have summer book reports due. The great part is that each of our books have special interactive projects for your edutainment. Get your parents and friends to join you. Be sure to check out our site: Use the “Talk to the Author" page to tell me about yourself, your ideas, and about what books, animals and characters you like and what your interests are. I am eager to hear from you.

Well, my friends, it’s time to get my sunscreen on, grab a Zany Zebra Book, and head back to the pool. All of my natural animal magnetism, brilliance, and stunning beauty takes a lot of hard work.

Have a Safe and Happy Summer! Za-Zing!

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