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Explore the riches of the Okavango Delta of Botswana, Africa and the mighty heritage of the largest mammals on earth. Meet Mama Ella, the matriarch of her herd, and experience the tragedy and fear caused by poachers. Science meets fiction in this rhyme-time tale number 26 in the Zany Zebra Collection. Discover historical, geographical, literary and biological references. Baby Myla brings new hope. Creative activities and glossary with links to Wikipedia enhance the interactive learning experience for children of all ages. Note: there is a grant/scholarship opportunity for advanced students.

Mama and Myla

  • All New Releases (the vivid color cover) come in E-Book and Paperback. They may be purchased directly from participating vendors only. 

  • Available in E-Book and Paperback from vendors featured on Live Bookstore Page.

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