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Zebras Get No Respect!

Here I am the big shot of the Zany Zebra series, and the only thing that nerdy doctor talks about is “Ozzy Ocelot” this and “Ozzy” that! Hmmmm! Even Maya Papya the turncoat Bengal cat and Datzy Doodle the wannabe poodle dog keep raving about Ozzy. Even those no-name deer wandered by the neighborhood to get the scoop on Ozzy. Well, I am Zany Zebra, the brilliant and beautiful expert here, and I happen to know that Ozzy is still on the drawing board. I’m sure he will be published by the time school starts in the fall. Can you believe the obsessed Dr. April says Ozzy’s name in her sleep? Gee! I bet an ocelot has bad breath!

Well, I have more important things to worry about. I’ve been asked (ordered?) by the boss to take some leadership refresher courses. So, there! I’m the true leader. I’m the original one. Meanwhile, be sure to get your family to check out my live bookstore@ There are many animals, besides Ozzy, to enjoy. Best of all, I am featured in every book. Ozzy is not going to be featured in every book. Also, there are fun projects in every book. You can even do them for school projects.

Have fun! Love, Zany Zebra, the leader. Za-zing!

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